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Welcome to CAD.GOLF, a division of Geoshot Technologies, is dedicated to serving golf architects worldwide. With a strong reputation in the market, CAD.GOLF has become synonymous with excellence. Our knowledge and experience in technology enable us to deliver the best golf construction drawings, golf CAD drafting, CAD 3D Rendering, golf course graphics, and 3D services for Golf Architects.

Working for years with a myriad of golf architects has helped us to understand one simple thing which is, every designer is different. So we try to understand the needs of our designers and then start our design work as per the needs. We specialize in creating a clearing plan, stacking plan, grading plan, grassing plan, drainage / irrigation plan, master plan, cut-fill / volume calculation, before and after image editing, photoshop render and 3D flyover video related to renovation, restoration, remodelling and new course design.


Golf Course Design to Construction & Maintenance: Servicing offers by CAD.GOLF

Scale PDF of Base Map

A scale PDF of a golf course base map is an essential tool for architects and designers in the pre-construction stage of a golf course project.

Clearing Plan

A golf clearing plan is vital for golf course development, addressing overgrown areas, slopes, poor soil, and debris.

Staking Plan

A staking plan is a crucial component of golf course design that showcases specific locations for landing zones, tees, and greens that require staking in the field.

Grading Plan

A Golf Course Grading Plan is an essential which involves carefully determining the amount of earth that needs to be moved to achieve the desired layout and contours of the course.

Grassing Plan

A golf grassing plan refers to a comprehensive strategy for establishing and maintaining the turf grass on a golf course.

Drainage/Irrigation Plan

A Golf Course Drainage Plan details drainage for greens, tees, bunkers, and fairways, optimizing water control.

Cut Fill /Volume Calculation

The process of site grading primarily involves removing soil from higher areas and filling in lower areas, commonly known as 'Cut' and 'Fill,‘

Master Plan

A golf course master plan is a strategic blueprint for the design, development, and long-term vision of the course.

Image Editing

Image editing in golf refers to the process of modifying and enhancing golf course graphics using various software tools and techniques.

Golf Photoshop Render

Golf Photoshop Render typically refers to create realistic or enhanced visual representations of golf course designs or renovations.

Golf still Rendering

Golf course still rendering is the process of creating detailed and realistic visual representations of golf course designs using advanced digital technology.

Golf 3D Flyover Video

A 3D flyover video in golf is a digital visualization that provides a virtual tour of a golf course from an aerial perspective.


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Comprehensive Golf Architect Services

CAD.GOLF, a division of Geoshot Technologies is your one-stop solution for comprehensive range of services. From clearing plans to 3D flyover videos, we cater golf architects worldwide.

Customized Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every golf architect, bringing their vision to life effectively.

Precision and Quality

We prioritize precision and exceptional quality in every project, using the latest technology and tools to ensure accuracy and attention to detail in golf course design.

Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of technology, using cutting-edge tools to consistently deliver outstanding results that exceed industry standards through innovation.

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience and expertise, CAD.GOLF has a proven track record of successfully supporting diverse golf architect projects including renovation, restoration, remodeling, and new golf course designs.

Trusted Partner

Geoshot Technologies, a trusted name in CAD, 3D, graphic design, especially in Golf and AEC industries, is trusted partner for all golf course projects, helping architects achieve remarkable results and earning trust from golf industry and beyond globally.